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Title: Kasparov: On Modern Chess, Vol 2
Post by: Cofresi on December 19, 2009, 11:15:50 PM
Well, I just finished going through Kasparov's On Modern Chess, Vol 2, last night. The book covers the loooooong match against Karpov on 1984-1985 and the second (immediate) match on 1985. I didn't have the time or discipline to go through every game, but there's a lot to read about the match negotiations. It was pretty interesting although not much new for someone who has read Kasparov's earlier books. He has the annoying tendency to rant over pages against Karpov and Campomanes like a Proust on cocaine.

I know he got shafted during those years, but come on, let it rest. It's been 25 years since that and he still rants on and on. Games are heavily annotated by Kasparov and those matches are a must-study for anyone playing the Queen's Gambit and Sicilian Scheveningen. Good stuff in those games. ;)