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Title: DGT Chess Board
Post by: Capablanca on January 07, 2010, 05:45:11 PM
Well, I've been dreaming about a DGT chess board. It's pretty cool since you can play against the computer (Fritz, Rybka, or even online on ICC) using the board as interface and the computer calls out the moves. Of course, it's not a big help for quick time controls, but for slower play sounds really good. I like the spatial feel I get on OTB play and I think a board like this could be helpful when analyzing and recording that analysis into ChessBase. Does anyone own one of these or has spent some time with these boards?

The thing that's keeping me away is its price. The lowest I've been able to find is $700 without shipping. Ouch! There's even a new version that uses Bluetooth, so you can create a wireless connection to your computer. That one sells for $900-$1,000. Double ouch! Too bad chess is not a mass game in this country. Otherwise, volume selling would have probably dropped the price to $200-$300 by now (DGT boards came out in the late 90s).