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Title: Chicago Open 2010
Post by: Capablanca on January 12, 2010, 02:43:35 PM
I'm planning to start my "chess season" with the Chicago Open. This year is a 9-rounder in Wheeling, IL (just outside of Chicago) at the Westin Hotel. I played last year and it was a well run tournament; rounds started on time, accommodations were good although food was pricey and hours to get it limited at the hotel. I did discover a place across the street the last day that was cheaper and remained open until later. You have to run through four lanes of traffic while still a bit dizzied about variations, but it can be done.  ::)

The tournament runs from May 27 through the 31. I prefer being relaxed before and after a tournament for traveling even if it means paying extra, so I'm planning to leave BTown Wed, May 26 and drive back Tues, June 1. I may drag my wife with me, but it's a long shot. Sadly, the hotel is nice but it's set outside of Chicago so walking around is pretty boring, unless you get a kick out of seeing cars drive past you. It's just a huge road close to one of the interstates. Not much "touristing" for the wife. Is anyone else planning to go? The entry fee hasn't been posted yet ( but it'll probably be around $150.

Maybe some of us can ride together and split a room.

Title: Re: Chicago Open 2010
Post by: Capablanca on January 14, 2010, 08:35:14 AM
Actually, the Chicago Open is a 9-rounder for the open section, but a 7-rounder for the remaining sections. The entry fee is $200 (ouch!) with rooms at the Westin going for $98 per night. The first round for the regular sections is Friday night (Fri May 28) with 2 games per day. Wheeling, IL, is about a 6-hour drive from BTwon, so leaving Friday morning and getting there in the afternoon is a possibility. Not much rest, though. It's nice to stay at the Westin, but last year it was so crowded that I had trouble sleeping with all the door-slamming on my floor. Having breakfast at the hotel was nearly impossible since the place was understaffed and service was ridiculously slow. I wouldn't recommend staying at the hotel under those conditions.